A closer look into Malaysia Economic Stimulus Package (ESP-2) to combat Covid-19 outbreak

Malaysia was ranked No.35 on World's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Ranking in 2019. Malaysia is a small country from an economic perspective and yet Malaysia rolled out a bold, timely and targeted stimulus package in combat of Covid-19 outbreak and Movement Control Order (MCO). Developed countries like Australia’s fiscal stimulus, is 11% of its GDP, [...]
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A peep into what Malaysians do at home during nationwide lockdown

Amidst Covid-19 continues to spread at an unprecedented rate worldwide, many countries have taken draconian measures to lockdown the countries in attempts to curb the virus spread. China, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand have implemented world’s largest and most restrictive mass quarantines. Wuhan, China, where the virus first discovered, [...]
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